Mark Garbe

Contract Review

Mark Garbe has been working at Bales since 1986. "We were a much smaller shop then, so everyone had to fill multiple roles. In the morning, I was a driver, doing job pickups and deliveries, and in the afternoon, I worked in the polishing department. Eventually, I began doing polishing full time, and I did that for 18 years. Then I worked in ISO and Quality, including as a lead auditor. Eventually I just focused on Quality, which evolved from conducting inspections to doing Contract Development — the first step to make sure we meet our customers’ needs."

Something Mark appreciates after working for two generations of of Bales family members: "You can always knock on their door, and the whole team here is great to work with."

A few fun things to know about Mark:

Favorite board game: Trivial Pursuit, Yahtzee, or Pictionary

Favorite pizza topping: Anything except onions

My hero is: My wife Karen

Best movie ever: A Hard Days Night

Favorite vacation spot: My couch, in front of the TV

The soundtrack to my life is: Pray Where You Are